We have recently been successful at appeal for a second storey side extension to an Architect designed house in Warrington.

The Inspector concluded that the proposed extension would not have any physical contact with the canopy or main stems of a protected Horse Chestnut tree. It was accepted that the extension would result in physical conflict with a minor lower limb of a nearby protected Beech tree to facilitate the development, but these works would be of a minor scale such that they would not prejudice the integrity of the tree or significantly affect its appearance or contribution to the character of the wider area.

Due to canopy heights of the larger trees the outlook form the houser would be substantially unobstructed from the proposed windows with clear views below the canopy levels. Consequently, whilst large parts of the site will inevitably be overshadowed during growing months, this is countered to some measure by the vertical extension and large areas of glazing within the design of the house.

It was concluded that the living conditions provided within the proposed extension would be comparable to those in the existing dwelling and therefore any increased pressure for significant future works beyond those necessary in conjunction with good management practice would be unlikely to arise.